Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mini-Update: Look what I found!

Out of boredom with Iron Chef, I started surfing around on GoodReads.  Since joining the site back in 2007, I've never really looked around.  For that, I am a moron.  I would update my bookshelves, and maybe look at the shelves of friends, keep updated on what they've read ad maybe add it to my own lists.  Again, I am a bit of a moron for not looking around sooner.

Did you know GoodReads sponsors giveaways?  I feel like just about everyone but me must've noticed this.  I've often wondered how a book that was not yet published could already have reviews.  This is one of the ways; you enter a giveaway, and if you win, you get an advanced copy of the book.  You don't have to write a review, but if you do, GoodReads will use it to promote the book and/or author in question.  So all I have to do to get free new books is enter my name and address in a giveaway for the books I choose?  Yep, I am so regretting not finding this sooner!

Guess what I'll be doing until 2am?.......

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