Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Ego Has Landed

It would appear I have truly grown bored with my cranial conversations, and I am on to blogging.  Again.  In times past, I've maintained one or more journals, blogs, and in-depth profiles.  After awhile, I get tired of hearing myself talk, or write, as the case may be.  I begin to doubt my desire for feedback, because in all honesty, blogs seem like the ultimate in narcissism.  "Pay attention to what I have to say, because I need the validation to soothe my fragile ego."  That sort of thing grates at me; on the one hand, I am grateful that those I find it hard to keep in touch with have someplace where I can catch up at my own leisure.  On the other hand, I remember to check such sites less and less frequently.

Hopefully, though, given the somewhat narrow focus I've given this particular blog, I'll be able to maintain it with ease, and others will be more than welcome to join in or ignore, as they choose.  At the very least, I'm giving myself a more appropriate place to comment on various aspects of books; when other sites ask me to give a review, I want to say more than just the synopsis of the plot line or the development of the characters.  In this space, I'll be able to at least hash it over with myself in front of others, like participatory intellectual masturbation.  Given this overarching goal, you all have been warned now that I'll most likely have plot spoilers, though I'll make the attempt to offer up such caveats in the future.

So let us adjourn and enter into our first round table session.  The future is bright with possibilities, and I am back to being an exhibitionist of bibliophile proportions. 

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